In the early years when I had all littles, I pushed myself really hard. And I thrived on it. And I know many other moms of large families who did it too. But with age, I have come to know that many of these moms have health issues. It makes me wonder if the health issues we are facing is part of the ageing package or is it because of how much we pushed ourselves in our younger days?

Knowing when to push on and when to rest in the Lord is a constant battle for me. It is only with age and life experiences that I am forced to learn this :(. Constantly pushing our bodies and minds to do just one more thing is not a good thing in the long run. Sure there are seasons where we will need to do just that but constantly being on the go wipes out our adrenal glands and creates havoc with our thyroid glands. And having both these glands work optimally is necessary for us to function.

In the baby-toddler stage, getting enough sleep is par for the course. But even now with the “baby” being 6, I still struggle with getting enough sleep. Being disciplined to sleep early is the other battle I fight daily. And yet without sufficient rest I am working at sub par level. So foolish!

So let us not push ourselves at the expense of our health – both physical and spiritual. It is not easy, I know, but the price to pay can be a heavy one!

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