So, I have decided to be brave and take on the Write 31 Challenge this year.

I had heard about it late last year when the challenge had already ended so I just put my name down to be notified when the 2017 challenge came on. And so, a few weeks back I received the email that they are starting on 1st October this year.

You can read more about the Write 31 Challenge on their blog.

31 Days of Life in a Large Homeschooling Family

But… deciding on a topic that I can write on for 31 days is a challenge.

So, I decided on the most no-brainer topic – Life in a Large Homeschooling Family. After all everyone asks, “How do you do it?” all the time. So I thought I would document the month of October for you. 🙂

A Caveat

However, October is not a typical month in our family because:

  1. we just ended our homeschool year. Homeschooling officially ended when PSLE started. And so we are on our month long break and
  2. I would be doing a lot more planning and deep cleaning this month.

But still, I thought it would be a nice peek into our lives for you.

The Plan

In order to be kept accountable, this is my grand plan for the 31-day challenge. I will share how we do life in our family with a then and now comparison and some takeaway notes for you. This is the “planned” schedule.

  • Sundays – Faith
  • Mondays – Homemaking: Housework
  • Tuesdays – Health
  • Wednesdays – Homeschooling
  • Thursdays – Family
  • Fridays – Homemaking: Cooking
  • Saturdays – Personal Musings

I sure hope I have the stamina to keep this up for all 31 days but I shall try. May this series encourage you that with God, truly nothing is impossible!

Write 31 Days 2017


Day 1 (Sunday, 1st October 2017)
FAITH: Attending Church as a Large Family

Day 2 (Monday, 2nd October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: HOUSEWORK: Systems Make All the Difference

Day 3 (Tuesday, 3rd October 2017)
HEALTH: Managing Health in Our Large Family

Day 4 (Wednesday, 4th October 2017)
HOMESCHOOLING: Homeschooling in a Large Family aka Teaching More Than One Child

Day 5 (Thursday, 5th October 2017)
FAMILY: Noise in Our Large Family is Par for the Course

Day 6 (Friday, 6th October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: Grocery Shopping for Our Large Family

Day 7 (Saturday, 7th October 2017)
PERSONAL MUSINGS: Comments We Get as a Large Family

Day 8 (Sunday, 8th October 2017)
FAITH: What Faith Looks Like in Our Large Family

Day 9 (Monday, 9th October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: HOUSEWORK: Managing Laundry in our Large Family

Day 10 (Tuesday, 10th October 2017)
HEALTH: Exercising as a Large Family

Day 11 (Wednesday, 11th October 2017)
HOMESCHOOLING: Saying “No” When Homeschooling Our Large Family

Day 12 (Thursday, 12th October 2017)
FAMILY: Instituting Quiet Times (not the Devotional Type) in Our Large Family

Day 13 (Friday, 13th October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: COOKING: Cooking for Our Large Family

Day 14 (Saturday, 14th October 2017)
PERSONAL MUSINGS: Letting Go and Trusting God When You Have a Large Family

Day 15 (Sunday, 15th October 2017)
FAITH: Serving the Lord with Our Large Family

Day 16 (Monday, 16th October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: HOUSEKEEPING : Labelling Cups and Plates Keep Our Large Family Organised

Day 17 (Tuesday, 17th October 2016)
HEALTH: Water the Beverage of Choice in Our Large Family

Day 18 (Wednesday, 18th October 2017)
HOMESCHOOLING: Planning Keeps Homeschooling on Track in Our Large Family

Day 19 (Thursday, 19th October 2017)
FAMILY: Different Personalities in Our Large Family

Day 20 (Friday, 20th October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: COOKING: Learning to Cook in Our Large Family

Day 21 (Saturday, 21st October 2017)
PERSONAL MUSINGS: Dishing Advice When You Have a Large Family

Day 22 (Sunday, 22nd October 2017)
FAITH: Family Devotions in Our Large Family

Day 23 (Monday, 23rd October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: HOUSEKEEPING: Constant De-Cluttering is a Necessity in Our Large Family

Day 24 (Tuesday, 24th October 2017)
HEALTH: No Snacking in Our Large Family

Day 25 (Wednesday, 25th October 2017)
HOMESCHOOLING: Homeschool Paperwork in Our Large Family

Day 26 (Thursday, 26th October 2017)
FAMILY: Choosing Battles Wisely in Our Large Family

Day 27 (Friday, 27th October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: COOKING: Kitchen Equipment for Our Large Family

Day 28 (Saturday, 28th October 2017)

Day 29 (Sunday, 29th October 2017)
FAITH: All these Children in Our Large Family
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Day 30 (Monday, 30th October 2017)
HOMEMAKING: HOUSEKEEPING: Daily Pick Ups Maintain Order in Our Large Family

Day 31 (Tuesday, 31st October 2017)
WRAP UP: Grateful for Our Large Homeschooling Family


*Do note that the times are Eastern Standard Time (i.e. US Time), not Singapore Time as the Challenge started 1st October 2017, 8am, EST.

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