31 Days of Large Homeschooling Family

Choosing Battles Wisely in Our Large Family

I have learnt through parenting 7 children with very different personalities that it is critical that we do not major on the minors. I pick my battles wisely and then I stand my ground on those issues. Indeed, not many issues are not worth dying for. But for those that are, like things pertaining to their safety or health, I will not budge. Read more…

Ever feel that you are held hostage by your children? Don't. Giving in to a child's demands or suffer their temper tantrums is not love.

Held Hostage by the Children!

Do you sometimes feel that you are held hostage by your children? I have been reading and hearing about children who rule the home with their behaviour and it makes me sad. They have become the kings and queens that their parents have to pay homage to. We need to be firm and parent in love. Read more…

Discipline child with the rod or time out?

The Rod? Time Out?

If applied correctly and consistently, spanking should stop by the time the child turns 8. As he/she grows in maturity and show responsible behaviour, other methods of disciplining must be used. Otherwise, it can damage the relationship between parent and child. Read more…