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Who are you???

Who are you? Do your public and private personas match?

Who are you? How differently do you behave with the different groups of people you interact with? Will your children or husband be shocked when they see you in different environments? Do they truly know you? Do our private and public personas match?

8 Tips for When You Have a Baby and Toddler Combo

Many times, as a parent of ONE child, we worry about adding another child to the family. How are we ever going to cope, we wonder? And many times people will offer helpful advice such as “get a maid” and/or “send the toddler to childcare/pre-school”. I share 8 tips on how to not just survive but thrive with the baby and toddler combo, without resorting to employing a maid or putting your older child in childcare, unless you really want to.

June Holidays are Here Again!

Are the June holidays a time to bond and re-connect with your children or it is a time of dread? Don't waste it. Use it to get to know your children again.

Are the June holidays a time for you to bond with your children? Or is it a time of dread? Let me encourage you to see it as a fantastic time to re-connect with them. You can also help them detox from the stress of school and peer pressure. Let the holidays be a time for them to chill. Don’t pack it full of activities for the sake of getting them out of your hair.