31 Days of Large Homeschooling Family

Planning Keeps Homeschooling on Track in Our Large Family

Planning holds the key to sanity in our large family in every aspect of our lives. Homeschool planning is no different. It keeps everyone on track. With my master plan, I know that each child would be able to finish up the syllabus on time and have enough time to practice with exam papers. I don’t have to guess and hope for the best at the end of the year. Read more…

31 Days of Large Homeschooling Family

Homeschooling in a Large Family aka Teaching More Than One Child

Homeschooling your first child can be so fun and exciting. But as the family expands, homeschooling in a large family can get complicated. How can anyone homeschool more than one child, I used to wonder. I also envied those with extra help. Let me share how choosing the right curriculum, and having the right systems and routines help.  Read more…

Planner season. Choosing a planner for 2018.

Planner Season and Choosing a Planner

If you have been online and browsing for organisation tips, be it for homeschooling or home management, or life in general, you will notice that it is Planner Season! Everyone who sells planners is out in force promoting theirs as THE planner system that will bring order and peace into our lives. So which one should I choose?  Read more…

PSLE Round 5

PSLE Round 5 and Other Homeschooling Matters

PSLE Round 5. Here we go again, and I am not even close to being done with PSLE! In today’s post, I share how we prepare for the oral exams and then get the children ready for PSLE with our own homeschool prelims. The prelims are more for familiarising the children with exam etiquette more than anything else.  Read more…

FOMO leads to burn out. Beat it by remembering these 3 things.

FOMO Only Leads to Stress and Worry

There are three things we need to remember to avoid getting caught up in FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out. If we don’t bear them in mind, we will eventually burn out. Because no one can run on adrenaline all the time. Neither can a packed schedule be sustained. Both our children and ourselves will have a heavy price to pay in the long run.  Read more…

Socialisation and the sticky child. Do you have a sticky child? I did! I share 5 tips to encourage your child to step out of his comfort zone without stress.

5 ways to help your sticky child deal with social situations

Do you have a sticky child? I did! But don’t let anyone make you feel guilty that your child isn’t the life of the party. Or that he is unhappy being passed around. As long as you keep calm and keep encouraging, but not push your child to be sociable before he is ready, he will be fine. Find out how to gently encourage him to step out of his comfort zone.  Read more…

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