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Just for fun, for today’s post I thought I’d share some large family comments we have received over the years. There are more I am sure but I can’t remember them all. Most times I am busy concentrating on biting my tongue so that rude words don’t come tumbling out of my mouth.

I am sure that those of us with more than three children must surely have experienced at least one intrusive and/or rude comment about our family size, eh?

Such as,

The intrusive ones

The ones where you really want to go, “Why are YOU so kaypoh*?” and “It is really none of your business! Just go away!”

“When are you going to stop?”

“There’s such a thing as a lock on the door you know?”

“Do you know about contraceptives?”

“How much does your husband earn?”

“Are the children all from just you two?”

*Kaypoh is Hokkien (dialect) for busybody

The presumptuous ones

People who ask these types of questions don’t bother me as much because it shows their ignorance not mine.

“How many maids do you have? No? Then you must have a part timer come in!”

“Do your parents stay with you?” OR “Your in-laws help out?”

Large Family Comments are largely rude and unfunnyAnd only in Singapore

Because of the now generous bonuses and subsidies given to couple choosing to have more than one child. I say “now” because we had none of the bonuses back in the day when we started trusting the Lord for our family space and size. Out of the seven children we have, we have only received ONE bonus from the government. It is obvious we did not expand our family to get the money :::eye roll:::

“Wah! The government must love you very much!”

“The government give you a lot of money?”

Where are your manners?

Does seeing someone who chooses differently automatically allows strangers to come right up to you to ask personal questions?

It makes me feel for interracial couples and families with special needs children. Or even families with twins!

Yes, I know we are an oddity in a society that shuns children. And with the number of brats around I don’t blame them. But still, don’t they have manners?

I don’t go around asking them why they only have two children? And if that was because they didn’t know how to get more. :::more eye rolling:::

Stares I understand. But rudeness, no.

Manners, people, manners!


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