When I first viewed this video clip, I thought it would be best to keep it to share on Mother’s Day. But then I forgot all about it! However, a few days ago, He brought it up to my mind and I think it is because there are some of us who need to hear this message.

Watch the short clip. It helps to remind us to remain faithful to our calling from the Lord and not to underestimate the ministry of motherhood. It is taken from a sermon, Judgement of the Believer, by John Bevere, at C3 Church San Diego.

I just love what was said to the last character, Sister Smith, when she was called up by the Lord. She thought she had done nothing great or important. But the Lord told her that her call was to raise her three children, and not go save the world. And because she answered that call and did that well, many people’s lives were impacted by her three children. And then, she received the accolade all of us long to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!”

Ditch the “just a mother” mentality

I am not saying that mothers cannot go save the world, and preach to the nations. What I am saying is being “just a motherIS also a ministry too. You are not wasting your life or your talents and gifts.

Don’t underestimate the power of motherhood

We often underestimate the immense influence (power even!), we have as mothers over our children. Whether we are full-time stay at home mothers or working mothers, our choices, behaviour, and values, all influence and affect our children. Even when we are unaware that it does. After all, how many of us are mothering the way we do now because of what our mothers did or did not do?

Motherhood is a ministry

Also, many of us have this mistaken notion that one cannot serve God effectively if one has children. We forget that children are God’s idea. So, why would He give us children to hinder our ministry? Children are part of our ministry, if not our sole ministry! In fact, children help us grow in the Lord!

As the video clip reminds us, one does not need to be in Christian ministry work or in the marketplace, to be a faithful steward of the Lord. Motherhood is a ministry in itself.

Don’t outsource motherhood

I have heard of new mothers being told that they ought to leave their children with someone else so that they can “truly” worship the Lord. Yet others are pressured to quickly return to serve in the ministries they were involved with before the children came. We were also told similar things when the children were very young. That I needed to “let go” of my children so that I can serve alongside my husband. We disagree with this line of thinking.

There is a time and season for everything. Children are young only for a season. We have been given these children by the Lord. Our assignment as mothers cannot and should not be farmed out.

Called to be a mother

Remember the closing statement :

You'll be judged according to what you were called to do. John Bevere. Blessed Mother's Day!


Yes, believers will be judged too. Judged according to what He has called us to do. You have been called to be a mother. Do it to the best of your ability and trust God to fill in the gaps for you.

Have a Blessed Mother’s Day!


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