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Let there be no pretense about this. I am just awful at this.

Keeping up with homeschool paperwork fail

I will always start out with the greatest intention of keeping on top of all the paperwork homeschooling generates. But I fail. Every single academic year.

And as the requirements grew with each grade each child gets promoted to, the more heart stopping moments I experience.

Learn from past experience – or not!

Obviously having those heart stopping moments have not taught me anything! Take my oldest’s High School Transcript. Every time I need to locate it for whatever reason my heart starts pounding because I cannot remember for sure where it is. It should theoretically be at the same place but somehow it never is! And so I would have to spend time looking high and low for it, racking my brains thinking back to the last time I saw it.

Keeping on top of our homeschool paperwork is a huge challenge

Homeschool paperwork requirements from MOE

Then there is the paperwork required by our local MOE. Previously they only required us to fill up a Progress Report Sheet and email it or mail it back to them once a year. In recent years, more and more paperwork is required of us.

Mind you, at any one time I can have as little as one child in the system to 4! 4 sets of exam papers x 4 subjects to send to MOE! And then they also require us to have paperwork ready for them on National Education. It is tiring!

Some parents keep one set of the test papers and send one set to MOE. Can you imagine if I do that? I will need a whole room to store all my children’s paperwork!

But, I try. Because I have to.

Struggling to keep on top of all the homeschool paperwork in our large family.

Files galore

So, my solution is files. Lots of them! And I try to categorise them but it is a struggle. I have no idea why I can keep on top of things in the house but not paperwork though.

At the end of every academic year when I finish my Homeschool Planning, I will declutter the old and irrelevant paperwork.

Decluttering is cathartic for me. I like to see my bursting at the seams file slim down and regain space in my bookshelves again.

Try and try again

And so I try, year-after-year to keep on top of all the homeschooling paperwork and hope that this year will be the year I do not have to hunt around for forms and certificates that someone inevitably needs.


Homeschool Planning
Decluttering – a regular exercise to contain the mess


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