Katie Hornor originally moved with her husband and young baby to Mexico as missionaries. However, God had other plans for them, including adding 3 more babies into their family and starting a few companies!

Katie Hornor's In Spite Of Myself bible study encourages us to focus on God, not our circumstances.

God uses everything

Hers is an interesting story of how God used her writing skill, business acumen and other gifts to reach even more people in the mission field through the businesses He led them to start. Today, they have platforms in the English–speaking and Spanish-speaking world through these businesses, reaching more people than ever.

But of course, we all know how satan hates it when believers in the Lord Jesus Christ reach people for Him. After all, that hurts his mission field! And so, as a family and personally. she has had to face many difficulties and trials.

In Spite of Myself Book and Bible Study

In Spite of Myself directs us to choose praise over our circumstances.
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But, we also know how God always, (always!) uses our pain and trials not just to mould us but to help us help others. So, out of her pain and lessons she faced, came her book, In Spite of Myself.

Launched officially on 7th November, it is not just a book to read and say, “How nice. Maybe I can also be like her?” Instead she has made it into a 4-week Bible Study to guide us on how to intentionally chose praise in all situations.

Praising Him In Spite of

Deep down, we all believe her book’s tagline, “How Intentional Praise Can transform Your Heart and Home” is true. But most of us don’t know how to make that work in real life. And this is how her book helps us.

As she writes of her book,

“Think of this as me, sitting down with you over coffee, every day for the next four weeks, sharing a cry and a hug and, a hard personal story of how the Lord has helped me to see His hand in my life, and sometimes not see, to choose praise, and trust Him – in spite of myself.”

Her book is an easy read and her questions, thought-provoking. All you need to do is:

  • Read the story lesson.
  • Read the Scriptures mentioned.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Journal your thoughts.

That’s it.

Her tone is friendly and warm. She does not set herself up on a pedestal but is real. I have personally gone through the book myself and have been blessed by it.

Choosing praise in your house will create a happy home

Choosing praise

Deliberately choosing praise, choosing joy, choosing to see God’s hand in our lives is a discipline. Our default mode is to grumble and moan and whine – kinda like our children, eh? And discipline does not come naturally nor can it be developed overnight. It is not something you can decide on now and tomorrow you are. Instead, it is slowly built up. And this simple book can help you do that as we meditate upon Scripture and learn to re-wire our minds to choose praise. Even when times are not easy.

As she rightly points out, “there is ALWAYS something to praise the Lord for. Always something to thank him for. Every blessing we receive is more than we deserve. Every consequence he allows is in love is less than we deserve, and even that is a blessing.” (p100)

Book URL: InSpiteOfMyselfBook.com

Just Journal

If you are not keen on getting a bible study (too much commitment? I get that!) How about just getting a Gratitude Journal? You can get the beautifully designed ones with prompts such as these ones here or the ever popular 5 Minute Journal?

Of course, you can just get a notebook and journal. But I know from experience that something pretty totally motivates me more than a plain ole exercise book!

Just do it

Regardless of how you choose to do it, just do it. It will change your perspective on many levels. Besides, I know for sure that when you re-read your journal, you will be amazed to see the handprint of God in your life even when you were totally not paying attention.

Choosing praise is not easy but it brings great rewards as Katie shares in her book In Spite Of Myself

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5 Minute Journal
Gratitude Journals from Book Depository

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