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Gatekeepers of our children’s health

Who decides what baby’s first food will be? Or what goes into your child’s lunch box for recess? And who decides what the family will eat on a daily basis? Mom, I believe it is you. Like it or not, mothers, we are the gatekeepers of our children’s health. What we decide to store in our pantries and cook in our kitchens affect their taste buds and habits. Even after they leave home.

Encouraging sibling closeness not rivalry

If there is only one lesson you get from this post, it will be this : don’t play favourites. It has long term repercussions. It may be difficult if you have one child that you constantly butt heads with. But you are the adult. BE the adult. Don’t play one child against another.

Sometimes we don’t think we are but to the children we are. (And yes, sometimes, they are being ridiculous). We just need to be aware of how certain actions and behaviours come across to the other children.