I used to think that once the children grew up, life would get less busy. But it has not been so. Instead, I seemed to have exchanged one kind of busy for another. Plus, like it or not, age has forced me to slow down so I am less productive than I had been.

Less interruptions

When I had all littles, interrupted sleep was a given and so were interrupted shower times and mealtimes. But now that I have bigs, middles and smalls, uninterrupted showers and mealtimes are usually a given. Uninterrupted sleep not so but definitely I get more uninterrupted sleep than before. Well, until perimenopause hormones decided to make their entrance. But that is a post for another time.

… but not less busy

In exchange, however, I have to remember which child has what activity where, when, and with whom. It can be mind boggling at times. And we already do minimal classes and activities.

And yes, I have been that mom who has forgotten to pick up a certain child more than once from her tuition class! Thankfully the class is just at the next block of flats! Then, there is the toggling between teaching one child to remember her times tables while researching preparations for another child who needs to take his SAT exams.

Exchanging one kind of busy for another

I used to think that once the children are older, life will get easier and I will have more free time or more time for my own hobbies. Maybe if I had only one or at most 3 children? But I could be very wrong because I am finding that we tend to be exchanging one kind of busy for another as we go through life, whether we have one child or ten.

No less busy. Different seasons of motherhood sees us exchanging one kind of busy for another.

Enjoy each season

What’s my point? I am reminding myself to enjoy each season as it comes and live in the present instead of reminiscing about the past season or hoping for a better (easier?) future. It is hard I know because in the flesh I will always want the easy season but that is a fantasy.

There are easier seasons but they are only easier because I had the tough seasons to compare them with. In each season, I am learning new things, crucifying certain aspects of my flesh that needs to be crucified. Each season is profitable.

Yes, I know, I know very well, that when you are in the trenches, it is hard to see beyond the end of each day but TRY.

View each season with a thankful heart

Give thanks for each day you survive the squabbles, each day you serve up a meal without burning down the house. And, each day that you do not trip over, or worse, step on Lego pieces! So now you know why I wear slippers in the house 😉

One day, these little and not so little ones will be out of the house and then as you look back, you will marvel at how God was with you even when you thought He wasn’t and look back fondly at those days. In fact, you may even wonder what to do with all your current free time! 😛


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(Updated July 2017)


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  1. So true! Will keep remember to cherish every moment i have with them till they leave home. Every season comes its challenges and also its joys!

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