When you are in the trenches

Many times when we are deep in the trenches of motherhood, we do not have the time nor energy to even lift up our heads to see where we are headed. Our sole purpose is to survive each day without throttling anyone, right?

God is gracious. He fully understands those days, and/or seasons for those of us with more than 2 children.

When you are no longer in the trenches

But then those days pass and we somehow still choose to live in the trenches. Why? Because it is comfortable. It is what we know. We may not like it but it is familiar.


It is time to wake up and get aligned with what God is doing in His Kingdom. We all need to know our assignments and MOVE for Him!

Don’t know what your assignment is?

Come to AWE 2017.2!

AWE2017.2 will show you what an alignment check is all about that you may review your own journey, and move forward into the new year with clearer perspectives and purpose. We firmly believe that when we focus on the aligning, God will do the assigning. READ MORE by clicking on the image below.

Are you living a purposeful life, join us at AWE 2017.2.
Don’t wait anymore. Come and get aligned so that you can be assigned!

Have been wanting to register but forgot? Here is the REGISTRATION LINK

Don’t just get busy

Don’t let another year slip by! If we are to be busy, let us be busy with the right things. As Henson wrote in his post, It’s November, how has your year been? he wrote,

“Well, busy is not bad … if you have been moving on kingdom assignment for the Lord.”



PS : Still in the trenches but know friends or maybe your spouse who would benefit from attending this? Share this post with them.


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