Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big sale days in the US. So, if you have been eyeing anything but baulking at the price, this is the time to hit the stores and even stock up on essentials. Retailers usually offer great discounts or free shipping or extra bonuses.

If you have been looking for a planner or planners for 2018, this is a great time to grab a Plum Paper Planner or Kayse’s The Organized Life Planner.

Plum Paper Planners

Remember when I wrote about Choosing a Planner? Well, although I bought and have been using Kayse’s The Organized Life Planner (and love it!), I am still going ahead to purchase a Plum Paper Planner because I have decided that I will use that as a keepsake Journal. (All part of my 2018 plan!)

I love how you can customise each planner (cover/layout/start date/etc) to your needs. And all at a very reasonable price. If you have been eyeing this, go and start customising your planner now so that once they announce their sale details, you can just click BUY. Yes, I have already done up mine. Kiasu Singaporean at work here! Lol!

I don’t know when they will announce their sale and how much discount they are offering BUT I hear that being on their Instagram account is the best way to get informed of their sale. (I am not an affiliate for this, just passing info along.)

The Organized Life Planner

If you had hesitated and missed all the launch bonuses when Kayse launched her Organized Life Planner in September, don’t fret! She is releasing the bonuses again this weekend!

The bonuses include her meal planning system, planner bootcamp, a private Facebook group and all 5 covers! AND … she’s offering them at her launch week price of $17 for the dated planners (usual price is $20) and $20 for undated planners (usual price is $22). Sale period ends Monday, 27 November, 12 noon (SGT).

As mentioned, I have used this planner since October and have been loving it. I like that everything you need to keep your life organized is in this planner. As a work-at-home-mother with 2 young children, she certainly needs to keep her life in order and she knows what she is talking about. I really admire these young mothers making working at home work for them and their families.

Read more about both the planners in my Choosing a Planner post.

Crystal’s Courses

And if you have been eyeing Crystal Paine’s Courses but have been hesitating because of the price point, click over now and grab them this coming weekend.

I like her Make Over Your Mornings/Evenings/Year Series. She keeps her videos and “homework” short, sweet and actionable.

As I have written before, routines are what helped me MOST when I had many little ones And, routines are still helping me out when I have to juggle teenagers and primary school children.

You can check out how I use routines to make things work for me in Setting Up Routines to Beat the Overwhelm.

Which course?

But which should you start with? Most people like her Make Over Your Mornings course best because if you start your mornings right, you will get the day going much better.


I prefer Make Over Your Evenings better because I have always felt that a good morning starts the night before.

Can’t decide? Get both!

Because both courses are usually $17 each. But for this weekend, she is offering them at only $10 for each! Meaning you can get both for just $3 more than the cost of one course on a normal day!

And if you have already gotten your day and evening routines down pat, are you ready to face 2018? This is where her Make Over Your Year course comes in.

But hold your horses! I would only recommend this for those who have already gotten a hang of their morning and evening routines. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Here’s a listing of her other courses that are on sale: 2018 Black Friday | Cyber Monday Sale. Sale ends 27th November, Monday 1 pm (SGT).

FreezEasy Meal Plans

Looking for freezer friendly meal plans? Erin is having a discount for her Freezer Meal membership! Check it out! It is only $9 per month (usual price $12!), $25 for 3 months or $90 per year! Sale ends Saturday, 25th November, 6 pm (SGT).

*Do note that there are both affiliate and non-affiliate links in this post. I would be grateful if you purchased these products through my links as this means I will be paid a small amount at NO EXTRA COST to you. This helps to offset the costs of running this blog ad free. Thank you!


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