Here we go again.

Planner season is here!

If you have been online and browsing for organisation tips, be it for homeschooling or home management or life in general, you will notice that it is planner season! Everyone who has a Planner is out in force promoting theirs as THE planner system that will bring order and peace into your life.

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Since I was (am) kinda stressed and overwhelmed by the things I need to do and life in general, I too got caught up in the promise of an organised life where everything happens as it is supposed to. Yes, this is usually what happens when I am bored/stressed and in need of a distraction. So, I have been surfing the net instead of grading PSLE and P4 test papers.

If you remember my post on Recording Memories and Milestones, I wrote about how I had decided to go with Bullet Journaling as it was the cheapest planner option, amongst other reasons.

But after 6 months, I was ready to move on. It was not working out for me. My biggest issue? I needed to set aside time to work on it and to plan ahead. It was not sustainable for me. I realised that I did not like having to draw the grids every month. Sure, it was fun for a while and then it was not.

DIY Planner

Planner season is here again. Making my own DIY Planner.So, I switched to a DIY printed planner in July. I had found lots of printables on Scattered Squirrel. If you have not visited Scattered Squirrel, you must! I don’t know how she manages to sustain her blog by giving away almost everything away for free but I am grateful for generous souls like her.

I also found 2 printables from Daisy Cottage Designs. She is actually a crochetier but she had 2 printables that I liked – a Daily Schedule that starts at 6am and a Daily Habit Tracker. To save ink, I was on the lookout for printables that were deliberately designed in black and white.

The correct way to use it would be to put the pages into a binder or get it bound at a shop. But I did not like using a binder cover (makes it too bulky) and did not have time to hunt for a shop that does coil or wire binding. In the end, I just punched 4 holes and used O rings to “bind” my planner (above).

Planner season. Making my own DIY Planner.

It worked! It is flimsy but since it is always left on my table, it didn’t really matter.

Timed Daily Sheet Keeps Me on Track

With each planner I try, I discover certain eccentricities I have. Lol! With this planner, I found that I really like a timed daily page. It keeps me on track much better than just a To Do List. Probably because with a To Do List, I tend to think I have way more time to complete the tasks than I actually have.

By slotting my tasks INTO the timed slots, I stopped cramming more activities than what I have time for. What I now need to do is factor in my energy level at the various times of the day. Just because there is enough time for an activity doesn’t mean I have the energy or focus to get it done. Do you have this problem, too?

But I wasn’t completely happy with the planner. Because it lays out one day per page, the planner gets very thick. Even with using 70gsm paper and only enough pages to last me from July to December, it is already 1.5cm thick! And I only have the Monthly, Daily and Daily Goal Tracker pages.

Plum Paper Planners

So, re-enter Plum Paper. I have been eyeing these covetously since forever! I like that Plum Paper offers customisation of their planners at the fraction of the price of big name planners. BUT it also leads to decision fatigue!

Anyway, if you have not checked them out, you should! Even if it is just to play with their planner options. They have beautiful covers! And everyone raves about the quality of their planner pages. I am NOT an affiliate. I just like what they offer.

Wait for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday Sale

Plum Paper planners start from US$32. You can choose to add on extra pages and/or sections at a very reasonable (cheap!) prices. Shipping is still expensive (over US$20) because of its weight. But they often hold a Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sale (usually 30% to 40% off!) in November.

So, my grand plan (talk about forward planning!) was to design my own planner now so that when Black Friday rolls around in November I can just place an order for my 2018 Planner. (My current planner ends in December). So, I painstakingly chose my cover, layout, colours, add-ons, etc.

While I was not really happy that their hourly set up was from 7am to 7pm, and that having 3 or 4 days per page means I have to write smaller than usual, I guess I could live with it. All other options were too expensive. I was all settled for 2018 – or so I thought.

The Organized Planner 2018

The day after I decided on the Plum Paper planner, I received an email from Kayse Pratt that her printable Organized Life Planner (OLP) for 2018 is ready for launch. And she is throwing in a bunch of bonuses as well. Argh! I am back to indecisiveness!

The Organized Life Planner is more than just a planner. Besides the usual monthly and daily pages, there is a Weekly Focus section, Look Ahead and Look Back pages, Home and Personal Care Plans pages, and Meal Planner and Shopping List pages, Yearly and Monthly Goals, and more!

After browsing through her various layouts, I decided that I much, much prefer it to Plum Paper’s!

However, the downside was that I had to print it. My printer often acts up when I print more than 10 pages. And, of course, printer ink for a HP printer isn’t cheap. Also, since I prefer my planner to be wire or spiral bound, it means I can’t go to any photocopying shop to get it done.

But it is just US$17! And I don’t have to pay shipping! Almost 2/3 of the total price one pays for a Plum Paper planner to be shipped here goes into shipping. That means a basic Plum Paper Planner with no add-ons costs about S$75, with shipping.

Yes, I understand that I need to factor in the printing and binding cost. I won’t add the cost of my time spent in printing and collating it because, truth be told, I find such activities fun and relaxing!

And if I choose the undated version, it is just a one time cost. Buy once and use forever! Just re-print it. I can even print it out for my girls should they want a planner of their own.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Check out the Organized Life Planner in this video where Kayse walks us through her well thought out planner.

So how?

She is launching it today, 7th September, 10am EST (10pm SGT). I am leaning heavily towards getting this instead of the Plum Paper planner. I can’t decide!

Help me decide?

Give me your opinion! Which should I get and tell me why.

Should you decide to buy Organized Life Planner, please buy it this week (7th – 18th September 2017) because she’s throwing in a bunch of bonuses during her launch week. It is still a good buy after launch week but you will miss out on the bonuses.

Bonuses for Launch Week

  • Planner Bootcamp – a 4 part video series on using your planner to organize every aspect of your life! (Value: $20)
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW PRODUCT: The What’s For Dinner Family Meal Planning Notebook! – A brand new resource for moms who want to make meal planning a priority. Includes all the printables you need to create a Family Meal Planning Notebook! (Value: $20 – but not available anywhere else yet. You can ONLY get it with the purchase of a planner!)
  • All 5 brand new covers! (Value: $10)
  • September 2017-December 2017 Bonus Pack – so they can start using their planner immediately! (Value: $10)
  • Access to our Organized Life Planner Group on Facebook, for planner tips and friends.

Let Me Know

Help me decide and let me know too, how much do you usually pay for your planner?


4 comments on “Planner Season and Choosing a Planner”

  1. There is a copy and binding shop just along the MRT track opposite RI. I like the Happy Planner but I am not a paper planner person. 😛

    • Angela – They do spiral binding?

      Happy Planner is sold at Junction 8 – next to Popular! But I don’t like the disc binding. I know, fussy pot! Lol!

      • That I am not sure cos I have not been there in a while. But I am pretty sure they do all the standard kinds of binding commonly found in SG, including binding for hardcover thesis that we did long ago in Uni days…..

        I like the Happy Planner for the disc binding! I dislike how page edges get crumpled because of the binding and then you cannot shift things around.

        • Yes, the con of spiral or any other binding is the fact that the pages are fixed. The printing and binding shop we usually go to at Ang Mo Kio (Maryboy) only does the standard binding which I find ugly! Lol! Spiral only for a few pages like a 12 month desk calendar. I think will have to make a trip to Bras Basah.

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