Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog!

Chinese New Year – Then & Now

How we celebrated Chinese New Year as children influences how we celebrate and view it as adults. Certain traditions associated with it fill us with joy and anticipation, while others fill us with dread. Our childhood experiences affect our decision to carry on or ditch those traditions in our own families. Read more…

Parenting Teens requires us to pray without ceasing

Parenting Teens – Pray Without Ceasing

The teen years is an unpredictable season. One moment you think you have it nailed and the next you feel like an absolute failure.
And because what “works” today may not the next, I don’t think it is responsible of me to share it as if it is even a solution. It could very well have been a fluke shot. So how now? Read more …. Read more…

Do we still need a Titus 2 woman in our life?

Do We Still Need a Titus 2 Woman?

We are living in the 21st Century. Do we still need a Titus 2 Woman in our lives? In this day where any information can easily be had in one click, it may seem that there is no longer a need for a Titus 2 Woman in our lives. But I beg to differ. Sure we can get information easily now. But there is nothing like a **real-life** person you can share life with. Read more…

Preparing for the New Year

Preparing for the New Year

Everyone hopes that the new year will be better than the last. But few of us actually prepare for it to be so. We tend to just let the year happen and then gape in surprise when that year comes to a close. So here are some concrete steps we could all take to live a more intentional life. Because, as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry says, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” Read more…

31 Days of Large Homeschooling Family

Grateful for Our Large Homeschooling Family

As I write and share how things are done in our large homeschooling family, I am overcome with gratitude to the Lord. As you know in Why So Many Children, I did not want to even have one child and yet God has changed my mind and heart to accept as many as He sends. And in doing so, He has stretched and grown me so much. Read more…

31 Days of Large Homeschooling Family

Choosing Battles Wisely in Our Large Family

I have learnt through parenting 7 children with very different personalities that it is critical that we do not major on the minors. I pick my battles wisely and then I stand my ground on those issues. Indeed, not many issues are not worth dying for. But for those that are, like things pertaining to their safety or health, I will not budge. Read more…

31 Days of Large Homeschooling Family

Dishing Out Advice When You Have a Large Family

There are lots of people out in the Internet world dishing out advice on anything and everything. And I know that people expect that someone with more children than them to be wiser than them. But that is not necessarily true. I have two pieces of advice for you. Especially as you walk through the teen years with your children. Read more … Read more…

31 Days of Large Homeschooling Family

Different Personalities in Our Large Family

Once you have more than one child, you cannot help but observe how different they both are. So, when you have 7, the differences can be super glaring. Sure, there would be some similarities. But each child is so unique that I constantly marvel at God’s handiwork in their lives. How can children from the same 2 parents be so different? Read more…

31 Days of Large Homeschooling Family

Noise in Our Large Family is Par for the Course

NOISE, lots and lots of it. Noise in a large family is most certainly par for the course. Most days I don’t mind the noise and actually love it. It shows that the children enjoy each other’s company and have loads to share with each other. Better noise than deathly silence in my opinion. So I developed ways to deal with sensory overload. Read more…

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