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Ready to Wean?

Ready to wean your baby? 10 things to take note as you prepare for it.

Ready to wean? Don’t be scared. Weaning can totally be a non-event. Go for slow weaning rather than cold turkey. It will be less traumatic for everyone. Here are 8 things you need to take note of as you prepare to transition to another season of motherhood. It can be a bittersweet event but it does not need to be traumatic.


Extended breastfeeding. Finally weaned at 34 months.

Once I couldn’t imagine it but now it has come and passed. I am no longer nursing. The “baby” has weaned at 34 months, just after CNY (January 2012). Can you believe it? I have been nursing since April 1998. Not long but not short either. It has been a wonderful journey. It is nice to have one’s body back to oneself though.

Dealing with Thrush

Dealing with thrush the natural way

It is said that thrush is often the result of taking antibiotics since antibiotics will kill off the good as well as the bad bacteria. But I have not taken antibiotics for years. And neither has the baby. So in my humble opinion, overdosing on sugary stuff can also cause an imbalance in the system and allow the bad bacteria to flourish with a vengeance.